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That’s nearly three times as high as the dropout rate for the second worst city in Nebraska, and six times higher than the state average for cities with populations over 5,000.

On top of that, South Sioux City has the third highest rate of uneducated adults in Nebraska, with more than 1 in 3 adults lacking a GED.

Population: 24,532 Adults Without High School Diploma: 9.9% Teenage High School Dropouts: 5.1% A railroad town in the southwestern portion of Nebraska, North Platte is actually way ahead of the state average in terms of educated adults – about 3% more adults have their GEDs in North Platte than the rest of Nebraska.

But the city does have a problem with keeping teenagers in high school; with 5.1% of teens dropping out each year, North Platte has the fifth highest dropout rate in the state, and more than doubles the state average.

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On the other hand, Lexington also has the twelfth lowest teenage high school dropout rate in the state, with only 1.6% of high schoolers dropping out each year.

So you can also bet that the next generation will slowly improve Lexington’s smartness score.

Also, about 11 of every 100 adults living in Nebraska City never completed high school, so the older generation also makes it a relatively dumb place to live.

Population: 435,454 Adults Without High School Diploma: 12.2% Teenage High School Dropouts: 4.0% Omaha is the largest city in Nebraska, but, unfortunately, it’s also the fifth dumbest city in the state.

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